Quinco Contracting and Maintenance, Inc.

Philadelphia Zoo's Big Cat Crossing 
Quinco partnered with Crescent Iron (Fabricator) and WH Myers (General Contractor) to create this first of its' kind Large Animal Transport System and Exhibit, recognized as the Best Zoo Exhibit by USA Today in 2015. This project combined the erection of a 160' walking bridge with the installation of a 100' ground chute system. Due to the project's 1st of its' kind nature, Quinco actually erected and dismantled the bridge prior to final fabrication.
2040 Market 

Featured in the January 2013 edition of Modern Steel Magazine,  Quinco partnered with South Shore Iron Works (Fabricator), Fast Track Construction (General Contractor), and the PMC Property Group (Developer) to renovate an existing 5-story building into a 14-story building using the Integrity Wall Panel System.

Quinco takes pride in Building America

No job is too big or too small for Quinco.  In addition to our ongoing maintenance relationship with the Pennsylvania Convention Center and Lincoln Financial Field, Quinco has worked on many prestigious projects ranging from $1200 to $7.5 Million, with a total of $10-12 million per year.   Below is an abbreviated list of projects that we have worked on in various capacities:
2400 Market St.
Quinco partnered with Crystal Steel (Fabricator), Fastrack Construction (General Contractor) and PMC Property Group (Developer) to complete this 2300 ton, 5-story, 293,400 square foot expansion on top of an existing 5-story building. This project included the reinforcing of the existing 5-story concrete building, which involved installing two 40-ton trusses built in the basement.

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